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Tree Surgeons Sevenoaks - About us

These are often my favourite pages to read on business websites, you get a sense of the person behind the company which is ultimately who you will be dealing with, especially with a service type business like ours.

I have run Trojan Tree Care for over 17 years and in that time I have both grown the business to be larger and at other times been smaller than we are now.

Our current size for me is the sweet spot, large enough to cope with our commercial contracts but also small enough that we can maintain personal relationships with our clients.

With any service or product there is always a spectrum with the cheap and shoddy at one end moving through good value to high quality and it is toward this end that we sit as a company.

I believe investing in the best equipment and staff who provide high quality workmanship and service will attract the best clients with the most interesting and fulfilling work who will appreciate what we offer.

For this reason I have no interest in doing cheap work and cutting corners to make ends meet, it’s just not me and in the end it catches up with you.

If you are looking for a quote or some expert advice on your trees, get in touch with us today and I’ll look forward to meeting you and hopefully doing business together.

Jamie Saunders




  • "Dear Jamie, thank you so much for all the work you did on 1st June, we were both so pleased with the result. Please do thank your two lads as well, they did a super job of tidying up. We would not have known you had done anything, it was so tidy. We owe much of our lovely garden to you"

    Mrs Pay, Sidcup