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Trojan Tree Care to feature on BBC Gardeners World

23rd October 2015

Last Month I took a call one Friday morning from a researcher for the BBC series Gardeners World.

He explained they were looking to do a short informational feature on managing trees in gardens where they would film some tree surgery operations and presenter Joe Swift would talk with an expert around the subject. He really didn’t need to ask if I was willing to be that ‘expert’ for them, having already mentally ripped his arm off before he’d finished introducing himself!

A week later I met up with him and his director to recce the three sites i’d lined up around the Sevenoaks area and to do some informal screen tests with me talking about the trees.
At this point it was not a done deal as they had also been to see a different tree surgeon they had previously used and even if they went with me, the idea itself still had to be signed off by the series producers.
I guess I came across well as a few days later I got a call to say we were good to go for the following week.

The only issue now was that the mature Beech tree which would make up the main set for the feature was in a conservation area.
Thankfully, over the years we have built up a good working relationship with the tree officers Les and Harry at Sevenoaks District Council.  After I explained the situation, they were really helpful, visiting the site the same day and fast tracking my application through within a couple of days.

The weather on the day was perfect with clear blue early Autumn skies.
As the crew began to arrive, I noted their artsy boho sartorial style with vintage leather, holey jumpers, beards and piercings a plenty... a bit different to Monty’s utilitarian garb!

The day went really well and I soon relaxed and got used to having the same conversations at least three times over from different camera angles, sometimes more if the sound was interrupted by passing cars or planes.
My guys did a great job of crown thinning a mature Copper Beech and Joe Swift and I were filmed discussing all manner of things from TPO and conservation area restrictions, where to find reliable professionals, tree surgery costs, as well as potential defects and hazards that owners can look out for and we finished by demonstrating how to formatively prune young trees which can easily be done by owners.

I am really excited to see the finished piece and 6 minutes on national television in branded work wear will be great exposure for us as a company. It’s not due to air until spring but rest assured as soon as I get a date, it will be well publicised beforehand both here as well as the Sevenoaks Chronicle who will also run an article.

Now, I wonder where I find an agent...

Jamie Saunders


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