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Tree surgery for Maidstone Borough Council

9th May 2014

Another good week and since our break over Easter, we appear to have turned a corner in managing the workload. I first became aware of it recently when the phone rang in the office and I felt the familiar flicker of hopeful expectation one usually gets at the prospect of a new client or repeat work. What struck me was realising I had not felt this way for a long time. The constant flow of emergency call outs we received this winter made it impossible to diarise work in advance with any degree of certainty and indeed on one or two occasions I remember a certain sinking feeling on hearing the phone ring again, knowing the diary was probably about to go out the window for the umpteenth time that week!

Now the call outs have stopped, the business is ticking along nicely again but that does not mean quiet. We are in fact busier than ever and March set a new record for our monthly sales after taking on new staff member Stuart Sharp in February. He has come over from Bartlett’s and is settling in nicely but we are still booked up 6 days a week until early July. To cope with the demand we are recruiting again so if you are an arborist potentially looking to move from your current position, then do get in touch.

For about 4 years I used to run a sister company to Trojan Tree Care which carried out landscaping and grounds maintenance work but in 2012 I took the decision to close it and focus solely on arboriculture. However, every now and again I am persuaded to take on the odd job here and there if for example it is particularly interesting or is part of a larger contract involving tree work I am keen to win.

One such example is a small turfing job I recently took on for Maidstone Borough Council. Although we regularly work for a number of the Parks and landscape officers there, this invite to quote came from one we had not previously worked for. It was only small at 150sqm but feelings were running high with local residents after a utility company had laid a pipeline through a small open space and not reinstated as they should have. After months of political wrangling over who should pay for it and then weather delays, the job needed to be done well. In the end, I did it on my own in one day as I couldn’t spare anyone from the tree teams to give me a hand.

Semi prepped.


Finished, with rain due tomorrow!

As you can see in the pictures above, it looked lovely once it was done and I got a phone call the next day from the Landscape officer saying that in his 30 years of managing amenity horticulture, this was the best turfing job he had ever seen, which is some compliment! He has since invited me to quote for (and subsequently win) a contract to carry out cable bracing and stump removal in Cobtree Manor Park, Aylesford in preparation for their Green Flag inspection in June.

For me, this is the best part about running my own business, finding and taking the opportunities to show what a great job we do and then developing those working relationships on a win-win basis so they continue to bear fruit for years to come.

Have a great weekend,

Jamie Saunders

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