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Tree Removal & Site Clearance in Maidstone

15th November 2013

We have spent almost this entire week coppicing Ash trees from the nature reserve in Ditton near Maidstone. The Parish Council have been clients of ours for almost a decade now and kindly allowed us to re-schedule this work a few weeks ago when the St Jude day storm blew in.
The trees were on a 300 by 10 yard steep bank at the edge of the reserve immediately adjacent a footpath and the rear gardens of Acorn Grove. The branches were easy to process using our tracked wood chipper, blowing the chip back on to the bank as a mulch layer. The timber all needed to be removed and with our quad bike trailer being just too wide for the footpath, the only option was to barrow it all out.
In the end we finished the job a little ahead of schedule but the access restrictions must have unnerved the other contractors who quoted for this work, coming in we understand at three and five times higher than ours!
This morning I went down to see Tony Mitchell at Southern Vehicle bodies near Haywards Heath. They have been busy building the bespoke tree surgery truck body onto our new Isuzu and needed me to check it over. They have made a great job as you can see from the images below and we are now just waiting for it to be inspected by VOSA (Who are taking their time). It will then go back to the dealer for a PDI and its number plates fitted and then we will need to get the livery applied. Hopefully it will be ready for work before the Christmas break but we shall see.

Jamie Saunders