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Tree removal in Swanley, ASDA

20th September 2013

On Monday this week both Jay and Alfie were away for training/assessments.
Jay was being assessed on tree dismantling and aerial rigging, which is the new name for the old CS41 unit. He spent 4 days earlier this month training with Scott Fraser for the assessment and as expected, he passed with flying colours.


Alfie was on a three day training course for chainsaw use in a tree (CS39). He has passed all his other courses up to and including tree climbing and aerial rescue (CS38) which are fine for his role as a groundsman and rescue climber but he has ambitions to be an out and out climber.
He has been really keen to gain this last qualification and is showing good potential so assuming he passes his assessment next week, we will be looking to give him more opportunities to practice.

One of the more interesting jobs I quoted for (And won!) this week was the removal and stump grinding of a dead Oak tree (see image below) in the main car Park of Asda in Swanley. The interesting aspect to it is because the superstore is open 24/7, we only have a window of 5 hours this coming Sunday night to remove the tree, wait while the civil engineering contractors remove the retaining wall and soil from the base and then grind out the stump, clear up and be off site to allow them to resurface the area. There will be no room for error to keep to the timeframe but we have done bigger and more complicated jobs before so I’m quite looking forward to it.

The new truck I mentioned a couple of weeks ago is now on order so yesterday I met up with the company who builds our bespoke tree surgery truck bodies to finalise the spec.
These bodies alone cost £5k each but are money well spent as they not only look so much more professional than the ply boards roped to the back of a truck you often see but also keep the tools totally separate from the logs and chip in the tipping compartment.
It should be delivered in 5-6 weeks time which is quite exciting, the only issue now is deciding which team gets it without upsetting the others!


Jamie Saunders