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Sevenoaks Tree surgeon becomes published Author!

26th August 2014

After a long hot summer, it is now feeling rather autumnal, rather quickly. We’re still in August yet Ireland had a record low of -2 degrees on Friday night and here in Kent, the blackberries are almost finished and more flecks of golden yellow appear on my Rowan and Willow trees by the day. I love this time of year and really notice the psychological change it seems to trigger in me.

More than the traditional time of ‘New Year’ for making resolutions, it’s now that I find myself reflecting on the past year and making changes for the coming one. I also notice the near instinctive urge to start preparing for winter, even enjoying the process of packing away garden furniture, giving the hedges a final trim, tidying the greenhouse and most of all, filling the log stores. I’m probably getting ahead of myself here, it is still only August after all but change is definitely in the air!

It’s been very busy here at Trojan Tree Care lately with an increasing workload from one of our NHS facilities management clients and a lower than usual tail off on the domestic side over the holiday period. We also had a fairly big job earlier in the month removing a group of huge Black Poplar trees for Allianz insurance, which were causing subsidence at a local industrial estate.

With staff holidays to juggle and a busy August, we didn’t make our annual boat fishing trip this year so instead, I ‘m taking the guys up to the APF show next month, the largest Arboriculture and Forestry trade show in the UK. With so many displays, retail stands and machinery exhibitions, it’s hard to get round it all in one day so we’ll stay in a local hotel the night before to get a good start next morning.

I’m particularly looking forward to it this year as it’s being held on the Ragley Hall estate in Warwickshire where I lived and trained whilst at nearby Moreton Morrell College in the late 90’s. I had run out of money for accommodation in my first year but taking pity on me, the estate’s then gamekeeper allowed me to continue my studies by letting me stay in a caravan in return for help at the weekends. The practically open air shower in the dead of winter before a three mile walk to the bus stop everyday was a particularly steeling experience for a seventeen year old, but also one which I am sure has stood me in good stead ever since.

Finally, the first in a series of articles I am writing for ProArb Magazine was printed last week so technically, I am now a ‘Published Author’ no less!  It’s a flimsy claim I know, but I am sticking to it and am rather enjoying my new found status among the nation’s literary elite.  ; )

The link to the article is here for those interested, p17.

Have a great week.

Jamie Saunders

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