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No need to advertise if you do it well enough!

11th September 2014

Apart from a few hundred pounds back in 2012, when I experimented with Google adwords, I have not spent a penny on advertising in the last five years. I’ve been able to do this because almost 80% of our turnover actually comes from repeat business or recommendations. Our new clients find us either via organic online searches or they spot our liveried trucks, see the guys doing good work and ask them for a card.

They then tend to go on and become repeat clients, recommending us to friends & colleagues who also become repeat clients and with a critical mass reached, the compounding effect is what now drives our business growth. The key factor on which this whole business model hinges though, is in providing such a good service that you don’t lose existing clients and I think our 80/20 ratio speaks for itself here!

Although simple to understand, it’s evidently less easy to achieve judging by the multitude of established tree surgery companies still spending thousands of pounds each month on advertising for new clients often simply because they lose at least an equal amount through the back door from poor service, overcharging or plain neglect! 

The key to our success (Other than my being a thoroughly likeable chap!) has been to play the long game, providing a consistently good service at a fair price, aiming to form lasting win-win relationships and building our reputation one client and one recommendation at a time.

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Jamie Saunders

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